Tamilnadu Textile and Common Labour Union- TTCU is formed by volunteer women group of workers working in textile and other allied industries.

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It was 1980s, the period when trade union movements started gaining stronghold in the southern districts of Tamilnadu.

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Having tasted the benefits of using women, to replace men to work in the mills, the ever so greedy mill owners devised a more sinister plan to lure younger and younger women, as contractual slaves.

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History of TTCU

The textile and garment sector contributes to about 14 percent of India’s Industrial production, making up 4 percent of the country’s GDP. Labour intensive, the textile sector employs over 35 million peoples directly. Garments manufactures In India under various labels are exported globally. As the demand for quality, innovation and reduced manufacturing cost increases, industrial heads often resort to exploitation of the most vulnerable groups in the supply chain.

The group that is voiceless and vulnerable. The grassroots level women laborers of the textile industry. New labour practices get tacit government support given the logic of gaining so called “investor’s confidence” while the workers been left out without any legal or union protection.

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